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Wizard Creations With A Chainsaw

SUSAN BURKE discovers how Redesdale artist Ray Nichols fashions logs into a variety of carved characters.


Tales Of Death, Suppression And Weather Forecasting

BRUCE FERGUSON explores the natural history, myth, folklore and uses past and present of the oak tree.


The Wetland Oasis Beyond The Wall

Naturalist JOHN STEELE and STEWART BONNEY take a four-mile circular walk to visit Greenlee Lough, the largest natural freshwater lake in the county and one of the most important wetland sites in Britain.


More Than Names On A War Memorial

As communities across the county prepare to commemorate the centenary of the First World War, STEWART BONNEY meets the three-man team from Wylam responsible for uncovering the personal stories behind some of the names which appear on the village’s memorials.


Keep Off The Grass, Unless It’s Informal

JOHN ROBSON GRUNDY, who designs wildlife-friendly gardens, suggests a less time-consuming alternative to the perennial quest for a perfectly-manicured lawn.


As If Three Jobs Weren’t Enough. . .

SINCE husband-and-wife team Tony and Linda Beck set up their first small business venture eight years ago they have been involved in a whirlwind of activity which now sees them running a residential outdoor centre, a trout fishery and a bike hire business while also bringing up two young children. Having just completed the extensive restoration of the old house they now live in, they have bought the abandoned hotel next door which they plan to bring back to life. STEWART BONNEY reveals the story behind their busy lives.


Hapless Victims Of The Wheels Of Misfortune

RICK TAYLOR laments the high death toll of wildlife caused by fast-flowing traffic on our main roads.



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