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On-line Facilities From A Pioneering Age

JOHN GRUNDY celebrates the fact that in Northumberland we have some of the oldest and finest railway stations in the world.


A Symphony Of Flowers

Weeds: they can be a gardener’s nightmare, but they also provide a wonderful free show of scent and colour, says ALLAN POTTS.


182 Not Out, Longhirst Hits Winning Form

STEWART BONNEY visits Longhirst, where the 19th century country house and grounds have been transformed to accommodate a hotel, conference centre and sports facilities of special significance to cricketers across the world.


Jenny, Where Are You?

DAVID TAYLOR has successfully traced all his fellow students with whom he studied at agricultural college 52 years ago; except for one.


Reservoir Builders From A Bygone Age

RAY ION looks at how a series of open days will help to illustrate what life was like for the Victorian workers who built Catcleugh Reservoir.


Don't Miss June's Wealth Of Wildlife

ABUNDANCE — that is what June in the Northumbrian countryside says to me. It is a joyous time of light and life, with long hours of daylight and evenings made for exploring and watching our wildlife.
Spring is ending and summer is beginning, breeding time is paying off and its results are visible everywhere. Insects are hatching too, but not yet at a level of real discomfort. Every corner of our land is buzzing — quite literally — with life.
By MIKE PRATT, Chief Executive of
Northumberland Wildlife Trust.


A Royal Stronghold Overlooking The Sea

GLEN LYNDON DODDS traces the mixed historical fortunes of Bamburgh’s imposing castle.


How Watertight Is Your Pet Insurance

Senior vet JOHN PRESCOTT warns how costly a simple omission from an animal’s insurance policy can be for its owner.


Artists Open Their Doors

Up to 90 artists will be welcoming visitors to their studios and display spaces on weekends throughout June as part of the 15th annual Summer Art Tour organised by Network Artists.



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