House’s Embleton connection

I AM responding to one of John Grundy’s always interesting and informative articles, about Embleton (Issue 121). In the early 1980s when we moved to Malvern in Worcestershire, I was very surprised to see the name Sir John Craster on the deeds of the house we were buying.
Montagu Osborn (1869-1949), a music master at Malvern College, lived in the house as tenant and then owner from 1912 to 1949. His father, Montagu Francis Finch Osborn, the fourth son of a baronet, made a career in the Church of England, and after many years as the rector of a parish in Leicestershire, and being a Fellow of Merton College, Oxford, he became vicar of Embleton in 1884.
‘Old Mandell’, who had been his immediate predecessor, described his time at Embleton between 1875 and 1884 as “the happiest years of my life”. In that period he and his wife wrote 15 books. Montagu Osborn was 15 when his family went to live in Embleton vicarage and his sister, Hilda, married Thomas Craster of Craster Tower.
Montagu’s widow continued to live in the Malvern house until 1964, by which time the man appointed to be trustee of her husband’s will had died and so Montagu’s nephew, Sir John Craster, was appointed. I do find it pleasing that a former occupant of our house has also known, and surely loved, the beautiful coast of Northumberland.

Mrs Shelagh Turnbull, Alexandra Road, Malvern, Worcestershire.

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