Name the kiln

Only days before reading Ann Thompson’s interesting article on limekilns (issue no. 124) I had taken this photograph of a limekiln our small walking had come across. The walk was from Scot’s Gap, up the old Rothbury railway line, ... more

Roof puzzle

I LIVE at Clifton House, two miles south of Morpeth, which was built for William Edward Slater in 1895. As my photograph shows there is an architectural finial firmly fixed to the front of the roof, which is not a weathervane but ... more

Doves cross Canada

I receive The Northumbrian via my brother who lives in Whitley Bay, and I was interested to read Ian Kerr’s article on collared doves. I well remember these birds being considered somewhat exotic during the 1950s and 60s. While in ... more

Locomotive sculpture

A sculpture of “Blucher Locomotive” made by sculptor Charles Sansbury was erected in 1971 in Killingworth centre to symbolise the town’s association with railway pioneer George Stephenson, who lived there from 1804 as a ... more

Whisky stills

Your readers may be interested to know that the Wholehope whisky distillery (The Northumbrian, issue 124) was excavated between 1951 and 1954 by Mr J. Philipson and Mr F. Austin-Child, two eminent members of the Society of Antiquaries ... more

Cragside Connection

MY MOTHER, Dorothy Hunter, was born in Northumberland and often mentions a piece of family history regarding Cragside and her grandfather. He was John Pyle, a monumental stone mason who lived in Rothbury. He is reputed to have worked ... more

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