NEWCASTLE HISTORY TOUR, by Ken Hutchinson. Published by Amberley Publishing ( £6.99. Softback.

THE author, an experienced and knowledgeable city tour guide, offers a special insight into the illustrious history of Newcastle, guiding the reader through the streets and alleyways, showing how its famous landmarks used to look and how they have changed over the years. With the help of a handy location map, readers can use this pocket-sized book to follow a timeline of events.
CRACKED: CREATIVE AND EASY WAYS TO COOK WITH EGGS, by Linda Tubby. Published by Kyle Books ( £16.99. Softback.
A WRITER and food stylist who grew up in the Northumberland countryside, the author has always understood the importance of fresh ingredients, and she argues that you will never go hungry with half a dozen eggs in the kitchen.
Here she offers a huge variety of recipes, from the simplest of dishes, including how to make the perfect boiled, scrambled and poached eggs, to soufflés and meringues, plus exotic recipes inspired by her extensive travels overseas.
From India come egg hoppers with kachumber; from Vietnam bun cha with omelette noodles, plus Chinese-style marbled tea eggs and other recipes from Spain, Indonesia, Japan, Ireland, Thailand and Italy. Stressing the importance of eggs as a vital ingredient for millions across the world, Linda points out that the humble hen’s egg averages about 70 calories, which means that including them in your diet is also great for weight management.

NORTHUMBERLAND AND TYNESIDE’S WAR: VOICES OF THE FIRST WORLD WAR, by Neil R. Storey and Fiona Kay. Published by Amberley Publishing ( £14.99. Softback.

MANY previously unpublished accounts of life on the front line and on the home front are reproduced here, through the stories of soldiers written in their own words, in letters home and in accounts written in the years after which have remained in family archives ever since.
The book also draws on numerous accounts published in local newspapers between 1914 and 1919 and is illustrated with a selection of original photographs and postcards from the authors’ extensive archive, many of which have not been published since the Great War.