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Wallington Courts The Popular Vote

BARBARA HENDERSON explains why this year it is particularly appropriate to remember the wealthy landowner and politician who bequeathed his estate to the National Trust.

Never Too Late For A Novel Idea

SUSAN BURKE talks to the prolific author Prue Phillipson, who is still busy writing historical novels into her 80s.

The Skilful Acrobat Who Decided To Stay

IAN KERR explains how the siskin has moved away from its traditional northern forest home to take advantage of commercial woodlands and garden feeders.

My Four-year Walk On The Wild Side

By MIKE PRATT, Chief Executive of Northumberland Wildlife Trust explores what it is that makes a landscape, a place or an encounter with wildlife feel uniquely Northumbrian.

Secret Symbols Left By Distant Forebears

ANTHONY TOOLE completes a walk in high country near Wooler where hillforts and mysterious rock markings hint at the activities of our early ancestors.

Like All Learners I Needed A Practice

Being taught veterinary theory is all very well, but as senior vet JOHN PRESCOTT discovered in his student days, there’s no substitute for acquiring valuable practical experience.

Moving On, Here’s A Breath Of Fresh Air

JOHN GRUNDY explains how this magazine’s latest home exemplifies a trend away from working in town and city centres.

Compost Just Like Maye Used To Make

SUSIE WHITE meets nursery owner and keen compost maker Andrew Davenport at his home north of Corbridge.

A Borderline Case Of Saving The Oak Trees

SUSAN BURKE visits the Derwent Gorge and Muggleswick Woods National Nature Reserve, on the county’s southern edge.

Down On The Farm, Oysters Are Grazing

Modern farming comes in many forms, as STEWART BONNEY discovered when he visited a coastal producer whose crop has been enjoying nationwide acclaim.

If You Go Down To The Woods

ALLAN POTTS describes one of the most rewarding environments for seeing a wide range of wildlife.

The Market On The Great North Road

GLEN LYNDON DODDS tells the story of Alnwick’s development from the 13th century to the present day.

Under Threat From Biological Attack

BRUCE FERGUSON continues his exploration of the natural history, myth, folklore and uses past and present of the trees native to Northumberland with a look at the wych elm.

Getting To The Point, It’s A Jolly Day Out

GORDON WILKINSON samples the atmosphere and bonhomie at one of the county’s point-to-point race meetings.

And A Happy New Year To You Too

DENNIS GREEN recalls the early days of his police career nearly half a century ago, when an absence of new technology meant that young constables were left more to their own devices.

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