Memories of a WWII Childhood

BRENDA C DENBY [nee Hume], an expat Geordie now of Esher, Surrey, remembers her childhood during World War II continue reading →

Off the rails

Ken Nesbitt considers the railway history (or not) of Alnwick

Alnwick, Northumberland’s county town, missed out on a rail connection to the South and North (I imagine because of opposition to the idea by local landowners) and had to be content with a short branch line from the Main Line at Alnmouth, a factor which greatly contributed to its lack of use and subsequent closure.

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Journeyman player to overseas coach

ROGER WEST chronicles the life of Randolph Septimus Galloway, born in 1896 in Sunderland, who enjoyed a short but nomadic professional football career within the English League, playing for several prominent clubs in the 1920s then becoming a successful coach in Europe, South America and National Coach for Costa Rica. He was also the only coach/manager of Sporting Lisbon to win the Portuguese Championship on three consecutive seasons continue reading →