The Erratic

Patrick Norris, of Footsteps guided walks based in Northumberland, sent us this magnificent photograph of The Erratic alongside a poem he has written. As an introduction, he writes:

The Erratic in question sits high on Bewick Moor deep in rural Northumberland. It is listed on the British Geological Survey website and their literature preceding the internet. In a curious twist, the moor is mis-named in the listing as Berwick Moor, rather than Bewick Moor. The photograph that accompanies the listing on the BGS website was taken in 1925 and nothing much has changed. The poem reflects on the landscape and that we are just passing through, the erratic though has sat in the same place for about 10,000 years and watched us pass by.

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The ancient forest of Low Hauxley

I read with interest your article on the ancient forest of Low Hauxley and would like to let you know that it is exposed again should you want to visit. I took these photos over the last two days early in the morning. There are huge areas uncovered and it is an amazing sight. 

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Christmas Day sunrise On Cheviot

On Christmas morning I ran to the summit of Cheviot to witness a sunrise on the clear morning.

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