Why advertise in The Northumbrian?

Outselling Country Life, The Field, and Country Living in the North East, the NORTHUMBRIAN also has the highest percentage sales record of any comparable publication handled by the region’s specialist wholesalers, Smiths News.

A survey of our readers revealed that 66% had responded to advertisements in the magazine. The NORTHUMBRIAN has a loyal, dedicated readership and has proved a highly successful medium for a wide range of advertisers. The effectiveness of an advertisement in the NORTHUMBRIAN is regularly confirmed by those businesses which book space in the magazine. Nine out of ten readers are property owners, with a professional, skilled or managerial background. The NORTHUMBRIAN`s readers rarely throw away back copies because they offer a valuable reference source of information for outings and services.

Requests are regularly received for the purchase of back copies to replace “lost” issues lent to friends, and hardback binders that hold twelve issues of the NORTHUMBRIAN are in great demand. This means that the reader gets value for money – and our advertisers know that their message will be seen and read!

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